3 dives and no sea sickness

So yesterday was a little rough… I mean the weather wasn’t terrible, but there was still some swell from the days of wind previous.  So during our safety stop, I was feeling it a little bit, so I only did the one dive and took an early boat ride back.

Today, sea was almost like glass, did 2 dives outside on the fore-reef,  and then one inside the lagoon.  Saw some cool things – invasive lionfish, big schools of creole wrasses, bluehead wrasses, giant queen cocnh, and lots of other fish.  However, this site was fairly impacted, so not so much live coral as the reef I saw yesterday.  Oh well.  Was still fun to get 2 dives in outside and not feel like total crap.  And diving in the lagoon was cool, despite it being so shallow, it was nice to be able to lay down and just look.  In the lagoon, we saw inking sea hares, a peacock flounder, yellow ring sting ray, little crabs, another sharptail eel, spiny lobster, and lots more fish.  So cool.

I haven’t loaded my pictures from today yet, but I’ll leave you with a few more photos from earlier in the week/weekend.


French Grunt


Some sort of small bass, dunno the name
Indigo Hamlet
Common octopus?
Lesser electric ray
Mating sea hares


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