This Jamaica thing is rough! (Not really)

So we have been extremely busy since we arrived.  We have essentially crammed a coral reef ecology class into 4 days, which was overwhelming for the students.  Their practical exam is this afternoon, so they are all cramming and freaking out a little bit.  I have tried to quell some of their anxiety, but at least by this evening, the lecture and exam portion of their class will be over.  In between lectures, we have been snorkeling, and today I did my first dives since arriving.  So that’s good.  The students will start their projects tomorrow, and have ~1.5 weeks to conduct a research project.  The weather (wind) hasn’t been very good, so hopefully we get more dive opportunities, but the lagoon has been pretty cool.

Some things I’ve seen:

Red Mangrove
Sharptail eel

More photos to come, but internet here is incredibly slow so I am having a hard time uploading. But, you should check out the student run blog to see what they have been seeing/doing as well.



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