Irene Goodnight

So I am sure that everyone has been posting ad naseum about Hurricane Irene.  I don’t want this to be another such post.  However, I did want to share some video and photos from the east end of Long Island, particularly Hampton Bays (where I live) and the Stony Brook-Southampton Marine Station.

Despite all the warnings and conjuring up memories of the 1938 “Long Island Express”, Irene came through Long Island early Sunday morning as a high tropical storm, bringing 60-70 mph winds and lots of rain to the Island.  However, it also crossed at high tide on the same day as a moon tide (so already higher than normal).  So there was some damaging storm surge, although less than originally forecast.  We got off relatively lucky out on the east end, with what appeared (at  least to me) as limited damage (although we are due for a big one).

The following is a video and some photos from the marine station which I took Sunday morning around 11 am (~3-4 hours after the hurricane crossed Long Island and ~3 hours after high tide):

There was considerable damage to Montauk Highway where it runs next to Shinnecock Bay at Swan Beach:

The town dock on Little Neck Road, down Old Fort Pond from the Marine Station was lost:

Jackson’s Marina was devastated:

Even the canal flooded and had large waves running down it:

All in all, it was not as bad as it could have been, at least out by me, and it did bring with it one surprise – a pelican!

This post is not intended to say that we got it bad out here – quite the contrary.  The real damage seems to be where the torrential rains turned into massive floods in NY, NJ and Vermont.  Thoughts and prayers to all those who are affected in those areas.

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