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So I’ve read a lot of interesting things in the last day or so, and figured now was as good as time as any to do another… drumroll please… LINK DUMP!

First, this is totally cool.  I SCUBA, but I am not talented enough to pay an instrument, so there is no way I could join with this band.

I’ve already talked about sharks where they shouldn’t be, and fellow blogger Lyndell Bade mentioned to me stories of bull sharks up the Mississippi River.  This recent news article demonstrates just that – sharks caught 140 miles up river!

An engineer looked toward basking sharks for inspiration on a more efficient hydroelectric turbine. Nice.

Talk about itchy – sea lice on salmon have been linked to British Columbia fish farms.

Coral cores from Australia reveal that it is likely to receive more inclement weather.

And I thought it was the pretty swords – some recent research suggests that male swordtails excrete pheromone-packed urine in the presence of females to attract a mate. FYI – I am a fa of swordtails – having grown up with fish tanks and working at a pet fish store for most of high school an college.  These livebearers were some of my favorite fish.

RickMac over at Deep Sea News blogs about sustainable sushi.

Over on the mothership (read SFS), Andrew puts out his newest installment of the SFS Gear Review, and Dave blogs about catch and release shark fishing.

And there is this video by the world famous fish biologist George Burgess about the worldwide increase in shark attacks:

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