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There has been a lot of really interesting posts on the internet over the last few days, so I thought I might concentrate some here in yet another LINK DUMP!

Over at Southern Fried Science, Andrew continued in his series of gear reviews, this time talking about how important and cheap  proper sunglasses can be.  Additionally, resident shark expert David gave his thoughts on the latest “sharks eating humans” commercial by Snickers, and gave us a run-down about whether MPAs work or not.

Over at Cephalove, Mike talks about how we can build a better blogosphere.

Chuck at Ya Like Dags does a Research Blogging post about North Pacific Dogfish officially being recognized as a different species.

Dr Al Dove has just embarked on a research cruise to study the deep reef platform off of Brazil known as Abrolhos.  Check it out at Deep Type Flow.

Apparently, smaller, short-lived corals are more disease resistant and resilient.

Whale threesomes! Need I say more?

Deep Sea News had a busy couple of days.  First Dr. M highlighted his article from WIRED where he talked about a mass extinction of scientists who study species. Dr Bik followed up that sentiment with a post of her own about the issue. And Mirian just posted a couple of ocean education opportunities for students and educators.

And in the news, Dubai’s artificial islands are sinking and channels filling in (shocker, right?) and in Japan, corals are moving poleward as fast as 14km a year! Crazy!

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