Ah, the return of the LINK DUMP!

I don’t like doing this often, because I would rather add my own content than just send you elsewhere.  But some of this stuff is just TOO GOOD! Plus it gives me an opportunity to show some of my photos.  So I guess this type of entry isn’t all bad. Btw, I took these photos while on a dive trip to Fiji. Enjoy!

Wonder about “gay” ibis? Just travel to south Florida!

Tommy Lee is in PETA now? And he is concerned about whale masturbation. Seriously. They do this. And SeaWolrd responds.

Hannah over at Sleeping with the Fishes is an incredible writer (I wish I had her abilities!).  Read about clownfish, anemones, zooxanthellae, and the symbiosis that binds them.

Amphipod males like to cuddle! Which benefits the females too!

Dives to the Gulf seafloor near the spill turn up life.

Chuck at Ya Like Dags talks about his faves, DOGFISH!

Dusty at Uncharted Atolls tells us why we should worry about nature. Agreed!

The Bitter End always finds interesting things!

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